School Bell Timer

Catalogue Number: ELT-SBT1
Automatically operates school bells and/or hooters


  • 7 day programmable, 1 channel time switch with option of auto daylight saving changeover.
  • Adjustable timer for bell ring time.
  • Protective relay 20A rated.
  • Immediate and holiday manual override.
  • Labelled terminals for connections.
  • All in an IP55 weatherproof enclosure.


  • Key lock for enclosure.
  • 2 channel time switch.
  • Pre-programming of times.

Electromechanical Countdown Timer
Catalogue Number: ELT111-(XX)H
(XX= number of hours)


  • Manually operated Timer; turn dial to required run time.
  • Dial turns both ways.
  • Large, easy to read face.
  • Clock stops in the event of power failure.
  • Time ranges & markings:
  • 2hr dial(5min), 5hr dial(10min), 15hr dial(15min), 30hr dial(30min).
  • Switching contacts: 2 x 16A (resistive) @ 250V.
  • 240v or 110v operation.
  • Panel mounting.
  • Compact dimensions; 100 x 70mm face plate.
  • Weatherproof (IP56) enclosure also available

Dimensions & Technical Info Sheet